Friday, November 13, 2009

lucky number 7

Yesterday was Iui #7 for us. It all started out well. We both had the day off so that we could both be there together. The doctor said it was a good batch of swimmers and that they were really awake and ready to go. It all went well with the exception that she had to use the dreaded pincher aka teneculum. I hate that thing. It always causes me major cramping. So afterwards we got to go to one of our favorite breakfast spots for a good hearty breakfast. Then home to lie down and take it easy...except that did not happen due to the fact that I had major cramps by then. I took a hot bath and some ibuprofen it was so bad. It finally subsided in about 45 minutes. And the rest of the day I just took it easy while J did some more yard work. She was very supportive during my ordeal with the bad cramping and really felt bad that there was nothing she could do to take my pain away. She stayed with me until the cramping had stopped. This is why I love her so much she is so good to me. So now we are just waiting and hoping that this is the one. The tww's they always go by so slowly. Hopefully this one will will pass a little quicker since my family will be arriving next week and staying trough the thanksgiving holiday. This will keep me busy enough.


  1. What a good person you are to take in your family for the holidays! I'm not sure if I could handle being in such close quarters with my family for that long. It is a good way to take your mind off the TWW though. I hope this is your last wait until you decide to try for baby #2!