Friday, January 22, 2010

Bring back the excitement and giddiness

Remember that feeling you got when you first started the ttc process. You felt so excited and giddy. The first Iui we went in for we were on top of the world. We felt as if our tww would last forever and that we would see a BFP soon. I remember that same day we went to B&N bookstore I was already looking at baby and pregnancy books and even wanted to purchase a couple. J was also very optimistic but she did convince me to wait on the purchase. We were just so hopeful at that time. Of course our bubble was burst after the first BFN and the second and third and so on. We so want to start our family soon and be given that ultimate gift. I am looking forward to getting started with IVF soon and hopefully regaining the hope, optimism, and excitement that our first IUI brought us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ted Kennedy must be turning over

What an up set in MA. Brown over Coakley. Ted Kennedy must be turning over in his grave. A seat that has had Democratic reign for half a century.....shameful.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anniversary weekend

This past weekend we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Sat morning we headed up north to Bethelem, Nh. We stayed at one of our favorite places (Highland Inn). We just love this place. They make you feel so at home and welcome there. It was a much needed time of relaxation and fresh air. We did some snow shoeing on the trails on both Sat and Sun, had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant, watched a movie and just enjoyed one another's companionship. I just love spending time with this woman even after 6 years it just seems to get better each year.
Sunday nite we headed over to our friends Laura and Joy to watch the game (Joy is a jets fan) and to play wii. Can I just say we fell in love with the Wii resort it was such fun. We have gotta get.
On another note, today completes one month of my weight loss plan...23 lbs down. I am so excited. I really feel good and have so much more energy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year

Wow its been a long time since I posted. Hopefully I will not be gone for so long in the future. I have had a post in my head for the new year for awhile now but just haven't found the time to sit and actually do it. By the way Happy New Year everyone. And congratulations to Gayby Rabies on their pregnancy of twins what a way to start out a new year.
Well 2009 was filled with mixed emotions for us and we are really happy to be starting a new year.

Here is our year in review highlighting the major moments for us:
January: -We began ttc with our first Iui which resulted in a bfn.

-We hosted our annual holiday party....good times were shared with friends.

April: - Vacation to AL and TN to visit P's family rented cabin and visited Fort Payne and Chattanooga.

May:- Ttc: Started injectables another failed Iui.

June:- Camping trip to Salisbury beach.

July:- Camping trip to Provincetown for 4th of July.

-Tollee, our beloved dog passed away unexpectedly at the age of 12.

-J's father passed away 1 1/2 weeks later after a battle with liver disease.
-We celebrated J's 37th Birthday

August: - We hosted our annual summer party it was one of the hottest days of summer but everyone had a blast-We welcomed our new dog Max which we rescued into our home.October: -We vacationed in Ontario, Canada with J's mom:

November: -P's Family visited from AL for Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with J's family, P's family, and friends.

December: - Celebrated P's 40th birthday with surprise party thrown by J.
-Had our first consultation with RE to start IVF.-Celebrated Christmas Eve with friends.
-Celebrated Christmas day with friends and J's family.

So as you can see our year was filled with lots of mixed emotions. Here's to 2010 may it be filled with happiness and many fond memories.