Wednesday, March 16, 2011

27 week ramblings

I am now 27 1/2 weeks. Overall I have been feeling pretty good with the exception of tiredness and emotional waves. I can't believe how easily I get upset and cry now. I have never experienced this before. When I was on the injectables before getting pregnant I was a little moody at times but nothing like I am now.
Last week I had a scare with some bleeding. I was at work and suddenly felt some pressure. I went to the restroom thinking maybe I had to urinate but I immediatly saw bright red blood on my underwear and then on the tissue. I freaked out. I called the ob's office and they wanted to see me right away. I work an hour away from the ob's office so it was torture the whole drive there. J also works an hour away but was able to meet me there. They did a pelvic exam, ultrasound, and lab work. By the time I got there I only had a little bleeding. The only thing they found was a bacterial infection for which I am now taking flagyl for. I followed up with the midwife on Friday and she said everything looks good right now. I always love seeing her over the Ob doctors because she is so calm and always takes her time to answer all our questions. Starting next week I will be going in weekly for NST, bio-physical profile, and follow up with midwife. This plan was developed on the advice of the perinatologist and the ob doctor at my clinic due to the slightly elevated AFP level and the fact that I am being treated for hypertension although my bp is never over 120/84 since starting the medication. I am still anemic and taking the iron but the hct level is holding steady.
I can't tell you how much I love feeling Wynkyn moving around in my belly. It was such a weird feeling at first but now everytime he moves its amazing. It reminds me I have a little miracle inside of me. J got to feel him move for the first time a few weeks back and she was ecstatic. We lie in bed at night and she puts her hand on my belly and feels him move. We also play music for him from the ipod. He seems to respond most to h.akuna matata from the L_ion King. A couple of weeks ago I woke up in a panic around 3:30 am thinking that I had not felt him move all day or night. I did not want to wake J up so I got up and started walking around the house, drinking some cold water and talking to Wynkyn trying to get him to move but none of it worked. After about 15 mins I started to worry so I woke J and told her what was going on. She started to talk to him and tried to get him to respond but was unable. So she had the idea of playing music on the ipod and placing it on my belly. She first put on music from of all things and nothing happened but when she put on Ha..kuna Matata he started to move. We both were relieved and finally got some sleep. I am not sure why I woke up in such a panic and normally would not but I think I must have had some kind of bad dream that something was wrong with the baby.
I am going to post some belly shots and ultrasound pictures soon.