Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well I could not resist the urge to test today. I really have not had any reason (symptom wise) to feel like this one would be any different than before, although I really hoped in the back of my mind it would. So I am sure in the next day or so AF will come. It looks like our new year will be started off with IVF. Last time we had a consult with our doctor he said we would try a couple more medicated cycles then we should really consider IVF after that. The insurance I have now will not cover IVF but seeing how it is open enrollment time at work and they do offer a plan that does cover IVF then I will be signing up for it. The cost of the new plan is double but it will be worth it for reimbursement cost of IVF. We are really bummed out about the BFN but remain hopeful for IVF.
We had a funny thing happen here last week. My parents are visiting and my father is a insulin dependent diabetic. Well he happens to have an injectable prefilled pen for his insulin medication that looks the same as my follistim injectable prefilled pen...see where I am going with this. Well in the morning while I was cooking breakfast he took out what he thought was his insulin pen except it was my follistim. My mom was standing by him and saw that the lettering was different on it so she said wait thats not yours and of course it hit me at that time what he had. I immediatly said without thinking that is my medication and took it back from him abruptly. Now this is all a problem because no one knows about our ttc mainly due to the fact that we dont want or need the extra pressure and now my parents whose hopes and dreams have always been to have a grandchild know. What a way to find out. Of course my dad automatically started asking "are you diabetic" and my mom just kept quite but waited for the moment that she could get me out of the house so she could get on the computer to find out what the medication was (she has a very nosey side to her). Now they are both estatic about the whole thing. I keep trying to tell them not to get their hopes up yet.


  1. sorry to hear about this BFN, but best of luck with IVF!

    I still have my Follistim pen in our fridge-- I never thought I'd be able to give myself shots!

  2. So sorry for the latest BFN - they never get easier. Your time will come - it just HAS to! Hope you have a great Turkey Day!

  3. So sorry to hear about the BFN. I hope that having your family around will provide some distraction from the sadness. On the bright side, it's great that the timing matched up with open enrollment and you can switch insurance plans and get IVF coverage!

    It's so funny that your parents found out that you're TTC in the way that they did. I am (or was) in the same boat as you and have not told a soul we're trying because I was afraid of the pressure it might cause. I'll be interested to see how the rest of your journey goes now that your parents know.