Wednesday, November 4, 2009

donor decisions

We are currently on our 7th Iui cycle. We have had 6 failed cycles 3 medicated cycles with follistim, hcg trigger and progesterone. It has been very trying at times but we are hanging in there. Each try brings some new outlook and hope that it will be the "one". We really feel blessed because my insurance has covered all of the medications and treatments with the exception of donor vials. After reading many blogs I realized we are very fortunate in this aspect as many of you have to pay out of pocket for the injectables which are very expensive.

Last night we had to make a another decision on a donor to use this time. Our favorite donor that we used with all of our previous Iui's has retired and we are really bummed about this. The last Iui we used a donor that did not have a high count so we did not want to chance that again so the search was on. After looking at dozens we finally found one we both liked and has had success in the past. I find the website of the bank we use to be very helpful in our search. They have each month 7-8 donors of the month where they show their baby pictures and profiles for free. They also have a donor look a like that shows you 3 pictures of actors that the donor most resembles as an adult. These of course are chosen by the staff and are free too. The one we chose last night most resembles Elijah Wood, Daniel Radcliffe, and Mark Ruffalo. Of course we are not just choosing a donor based on the physical characteritics we look more at the profile and overall health history. But I do think it is neat that they do this.

On another note my heart goes out to all of you Mainer's. I thought for sure I would wake up this morning and see that we had another victory for equality under our belt. I still am in shock.


  1. I love the celebrity look-a-likes! CCB just started offering the service when I was picking my most recent donor. I had it narrowed down to a few celebrities, and I have to admit, we ended up chosing the donor with the best celebrity matches! Shallow, I know. But since appearence is one of the few things that the donor is contributing to this child, I don't feel too bad about it.

  2. Stumbled in...

    We got our BFP when we switched donors. Go for it!

    Good luck!