Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thanks for all the nice comments. It really helps during this tww to know I have people rooting for me and cheering me on. That is one of the reasons I started this blog was for support from people who are going through or have been through the same thing. Its nice to know you guys are out there.
On another note. I am using the endometrium tablets this time for the progesterone. I really like these much better than those suppositories they do not seem to be as messy and much easier to insert since you use an applicator. Just an fyi for anyone who is going through this.
In the mean time we are just keeping busy with work and other things to pass the time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


They called late yesterday afternoon to say that I have 2 embryos out of the 3 eggs they retrieved on Sunday. The RE wanted to do the transfer today. Which would make it a 2 day transfer instead of the 3 day as planned. So we arrived today at 12 noon for the transfer. We soon found out from the doctor that we have only one embryo out of the 2 that made it to transfer. The one that made it is of good quality. It has 4 cells which is the usual number for day two and has no fragments. The ultrasound tech gave us a copy of the picture to take with us. I really have mixed emotions about the whole thing but I am trying to remain positive. Everything is out of our hands now so all we can do is wait the long two week wait. In the mean time I am going to try to stay busy. We will find out our results a few days before we are due to leave for our week long vacation/honeymoon in P-town so hopefully we will get good news. If not we will definitely need some time away to re-group and support one another. Keeping our fingers crossed and trying to stay positive.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yesterday was our retrieval. I am anxious because we had 3 follicles that were 19, 20, and 21 and out of those we got 3 eggs. I am disappointed we did not get more but I have to settle with what we got. Now I am waiting to find out if they fertilize and if so what will be the quality. I will return on Wednesday if all goes well for the transfer.
Everything went well yesterday as far as the procedure went. I was nervous due to the fact that I have never had anesthesia before. J was my rock and she supported me through it all. Man I have to tell you though that is some good sleep. All I remember is walking into the OR and lying down on the bed with the stirrups and putting my legs up and the nurse telling me that the anesthesiologist was putting some medications in my IV now and that she was going to put a blood pressure cuff on my arm and the next thing I know I am in recovery with J by my side. It all went so fast. The rest of the day was spent sleeping and lying around doing nothing but hydrating myself.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

coming along

Just got back from my lab and u/s. Today is cd11 and I have 3 follicles that are progressing well. I have 2 on the left that are 16 and 15.6 and 1 one the right that is 15. I really hoped for more but will settle for these. I am currently taking 300iu's of gonal f and menopur. If all goes well I am looking at the weekend for retrieval. Please keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well. I am really excited but very nervous.