Friday, November 6, 2009

baby making contraband

I work at a place that has lots of security and everything you bring in has to be screened. Since I work evenings and that is when I have to give myself my follistim injection I have to pack it up everyday and take it to work with me. I am always afraid that the person screening me in is going to ask " what is that and could you take it out of your bag and show it to me" First of all no one knows about my ttc and second of all I dont want to announce it in a line full of co-workers waiting to be screened in. So far nothing has come up about it but I always worry. A few months ago a co-worker who had just returned to work after maternity leave was going through the screening process and she had her breast pump in a bag that looked liked a backpack and she put it through the scanner and the screener ( a male at that ) asked her what is that device you got there. She said in a quiet voice so that the whole line waiting to be screened could not hear her "trust me you dont want to know" but of course he said yes I do I have to know and she said well its a breast pump. He turned three shades of red and said you were right I do not want to know. Funny. Well lets just hope after this cycle I will not have to bring in the injection anymore and I can then just say to him trust me you dont want to know what is in that backpack. Of course to my relief I would be more than happy to say to him its a breast pump.

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