Monday, March 8, 2010

catching up

Well I finally found time to sit down and write a post to catch up on whats happening here. Its been kinda crazy here the last couple of weeks. Things are finally starting to return to normal around here.
First of all we had a bad storm here Thursday nite Feb 25. The winds were horrible and toppled lots of trees in our neighborhood causing us to lose power. Also we had some flooding in our town due to all the rain and snow. When we awoke on Friday morning it looked like a tornado had hit. We were fortunate that we did not have any damage to our house but some neighbors were not as lucky. Our only misfortune was that when we went to hook up our generator it would not work. Now here's the thing, last year with the huge ice storm we had here we were without power for 7 days and it was freezing cold temps outside and my family was visiting from Alabama at the time. We have a gas fire log heater in our family room so we were able to keep warm as long as we all stayed in there with the door shut but otherwise it was cold. So to say the least that was not fun with all of us trying to camp out in there in order to stay warm. At the time of all of this there were no generators within 300 miles of us to be had. So shortly after that storm we purchased a generator. We had our electrician come to hook it all up to the gen tran system that was already in place here and we thought we were all set. Until....Friday morning after the bad storm. We went to hook it up because from the looks of the damage in our area we were going to be out of power for awhile and when we turned it on it did not work. The generator itself ran but the power kept going off and on in the house. So we placed a call to our electrician who had helped us get it hooked up before and told him what was happening he stated that he would be coming to check it out shortly but it sounded like it was a bad generator. Well after hanging up I started to panic and get very angry because as always our one year warranty on it had ran out in Jan. Talk about pissed off... that I was. Well thankfully he arrived about 1 1/2 hours later and found the problem to be a short in the gen tran box and fixed it quickly and had us up and running. Got my blood pressure up for no reason. This baby became a life saver for us all since we were without power for 6 days. Our friends that live in the area came to stay with us for couple of nights with there dog and another friend of ours were out of town on a ski trip and had left their dog with some people who also lost power and had to go to a hotel so we ended taking in there dog as well (she's a sweetheart and no trouble at all).
Here are some pics from the storm:
This past week our good friend lost her mother to cancer. She had been battling cancer of the lung and brain for a little over a year now. She was a sweetheart. Such a kind, caring, loving person. She helped so many people and touched so many lives. I have fond memories of her stopping by our house when she would be out for one of her morning drives we her sister that she took care of for a long time that had Alzheimer's disease. She would be driving by our house and would see me outside with the dogs and stop by to say hello. Sophie our dog just loved it and would always jump into the car right onto her sisters lap and start to give her kisses which she always loved. We attended her wake and memorial services this past weekend. Goodbye Betsy you will be missed.
Hopefully I will be starting Ivf in May if all works out as far as insurance goes. The weight loss has gone well a total of 32 pounds since Dec 22. I am very proud of myself for this accomplishment and with the healthier diet and proper nutrition I am feeling much better. I will continue it and hopefully lose lots more weight before May. I really want to to be healthy for the pregnancy.
We are going on a much needed vacation soon. Warmer weather and some relaxation time is well needed right now. Can't wait.