Friday, April 30, 2010

wedding plans

We have officially set a date for our wedding. It will be June 19 at our home in our backyard. We are very excited. Ever since returning from vacation we have been planning for it. We have officially booked our JP which has already written our ceremony for us to view and critique, picked out and purchased our rings, ordered chairs, bought tables, and started to purchase items to decorate our pergola with so it will be beautiful for us to be wed under. We of course have also did our invites and have gotten a good return on our RSVP's around 40 people so far and we have set up our registry, and purchased clothing to I am tired just from typing it all. Next week we have to purchase our license and start making our table centerpiece's for which we have purchased glass vases and will use sea shells, candles and sand. Oh and we have already booked our catering. We have many more things to do but it is all shaping up nicely.


  1. Awesome!!

    I am so glad you're posting again!

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