Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend fun

This weekend we were able to accomplish some task that we had been wanting to get done. It was a much needed weekend of togetherness although it was spent hanging a new light fixture and doing yard work. J and I find that most of the time we make a good team in accomplishing task and working together. She is usually the one that really has the know how especially when it comes to indoor projects and I am usually her assistant...but it works. She learned most of her handyman tricks from helping her dad all through the years and now that he is no longer with us she is very thankful that she listened and learned from him. As far as outdoor projects went we only had Sunday to get this accomplished because it rained all day on Saturday. We were able to mow the lawn, do some pruning of the shrubs, and to clean out from around our pergola to get ready to plant some flowers and shrubs for the upcoming wedding since the ceremony will take place under the pergola.
On a different note I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day. I will leave you with some pictures of our weekend projects.

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