Thursday, April 29, 2010

starting again

Well we have officially started our ttc process again. I have to say it feels good to be starting again. We went last Wed for all of our blood work to start the IVF process...yes when I say we I mean J too. She had to have the standard test too ( HIV, Hepatitis etc) it is required by our Ivf clinic, whatever we humored them. Anyway they drew 12 vials of blood from me my god I don't think I have ever given that much blood. They also did another u/s just to check things out again. On Friday the clinic called to say that my estrogen level was too high (99) to start the clomid challenge test and they prescribed me provera to take for 7 days so that we could induce another menstrual cycle and hopefully my level would be down in order to start the CCT again to submit to the insurance company.
Today I went for a sonohysterogram. What fun that was. First of all she could not view my cervix well with the huge speculum she had so she kept moving it all around then she removed it and tried a smaller one then the first one again then the smaller and finally she found my cervix then she put the catheter in and inflated the balloon which induced major cramping and the were finally able to see my uterus but not well so the u/s tech told the NP to pull the catheter back a little so she could get a better view but she accidentally pulled it all the way out and we had to start the process over again from the beginning. Talk about cramping I had it big time but in the end they got really good views and everything was clear.
Tonight is my last night of taking the provera thank god because I have had hot flashes and mood swings like crazy. It has also affected my sleep..I feel very restless at night.
I just keep telling myself all this will be worth it one day when I have a precious baby in my arms. But the things we go through to get there.


  1. Sorry for the delay and all the uncomfortable stuff you have to go through. I aminterested in your decision that both of you do ivf at the sane time. Will you each carry your own eggs or one anothers? If someones eggs look better will you both get those? How many will you each have transferred? Etc, etc: there is no bottom to my curiosity. :) however the logistics, congrats on beginning the cycle (s) that will bring you your babies!

  2. oh no Cindyhoo we are not both doing ivf...only me (P). J just had to get blood work draw because our ivf clinic requires that your partner no matter if male or female have labs drawn also prior to starting the ivf process. Sorry if that was confusing to everyone.

  3. yahoo!!! this is super exciting! I can't wait to hear what happens next...

    good vibes your way!