Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The pregnancy overall has been going well until last night when I got a call from our midwife. On Tuesday Jan 4 we had our scheduled visit to recheck my blood pressure which was a little on the high side ( low 130's over low 80's)at our last visit which is when our Ob decided to start me on a bp pill just to keep things in check as she put it. Now I had all the lab work and the nuchal translucency u/s done to check for pre eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and any downs syndrome/chromosomal abnormalities in my first trimester all of which came back negative. She wants to era on the side of caution instead of waiting till things get out of hand. I had some doubts about starting the medication because of my fear of harm to the baby and the fact that I want to be able to breast feed both of which they assured me would not hurt the baby. The medication is called aldomet. They also started me on vitron-C iron tablets for my anemia. So those two things alone started to worry us a little. We also on our last visit (second trimester) had to have an AFP blood test drawn due to my age to check once again for any chromosomal problems. Yesterday the results came back with a slightly increased value as the midwife put it. She said the normal afp level is 2 and mine was 2.03. This warranted me to be scheduled an appointment with a maternal fetal specialist and for a level 2 u/s which will also check for any structural abnormalities. Now this all scares the shit out of us. J and I from the beginning have said that no matter what our baby will be ours and we will love it no matter what but just knowing that something could be wrong really worries us. We are well aware of the statistics for downs syndrome etc due to my age and such but no matter what our child will be loved no less. The things that do worry us though is the chance that something structural could be wrong such as abdominal, heart, or spinal defects(the fact that our child could be really sick).
Today the specialist called and scheduled the appointment for Monday Jan 17. We will know more then. In the meantime we wait a long wait.


  1. Sounds pretty scary. Hopefully all will work out fine and you can take a nice deep breath. Sending warm, healthy, happy thoughts your way!

  2. Waiting is so scary - cause in that time so much goes through your head. I will keep you guys in my thoughts, that the lil one is super healthy. And also that your bp and anemia stay under control.

  3. I'm dealing with the same thing. Mine is 2.62, so it's more elevated than yours. I thought the cut-off was 2.5 I've been reading a lot about false positives. The doula said the same thing. It's still hard not to fret while waiting for the level 2 u/s. I've had to wait 2 weeks for mine (will be on Thursday).

    Good luck!