Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 In Review

I wanted to do a post of 2010. Overall 2010 was a great year especially since it was the year that we finally became pregnant. I wanted to do a combination of pictures and script for this post. So here it goes:

January 2010: The New Year began quiet for us since I had to work till midnight and ended up watching the clock strike 12 while at work. The highlight of January was when we celebrated 6 years together in the New Hampshire mountains at the High_lands Inn in Bethlehem.

February 2010: We had a huge wind storm that did lots of damage in our area. We lost power for 6 days. Thank god for the generator.

April 2010: Finally lost the weight (60 lbs) and started TTC process again...lots of blood work done to prepare for IVF. We vacationed with my parents in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina.

June 2010: One of the happiest days of my life our wedding day 6/19/10. It was a beautiful sunny day in June. Held in our backyard with our family and friends.

Also in June J did a 25 mile bike ride in VT with friends. It was a fund raiser for aids. I was so proud of her for this accomplishment.

July 2010: Our first IVF cycle was cancelled due to large cyst, we were very disappointed. We took a trip to Boston to hang out with our friends A & G. We always have a great time with them. We took the ferry over to one of the harbor islands (Spectacle Island) for a hike and picnic. It was a beautiful day.

We also got to see Melissa Etheridge in concert in Hampton Beach. It was a great time.

August 2010: We went to Nantucket Island to visit our friend Chrissie for the weekend. We love it there. Started cycle #2 of IVF.

Attended the Portsmouth Air show where we saw the Blu.e An.gels:

September 2010: Spent Labor day weekend in Crawford Notch, NH camping, hiking, and took a drive up the Mt Washington a.ut.o road:

A rainbow from the top of Mt Washington.

An early morning injection of go.nal F. Oh the things we do to become pregnant.

On 9/19/2010 we did our egg retrieval. They were able to get two.

This was us before leaving to go for the retrieval:

Me signing consents getting ready for the retrieval. I have that nervous goofy smile on my face.

We had our transfer of the one surviving embryo on 9/21/2010.

October 2010: We got our first ever BFP at home on 10/1/2010. We were beyond ecstatic. What a great day.

We went to P-town Ma for our vacation/honeymoon but ended up leaving after one day to head down to Alabama because P's mom was very sick and in the hospital. We ended up bringing her back to NH with us where she was hospitalized for 3 weeks and sent to rehab for another 3 1/2 weeks to recover. P's parents stayed with us from November till January 1st when they relocated to NH to be closer to us and the baby ( It will be their 1st grandchild).

We also attended the Top_sfield for a little fall fun:

November 2010: We were released from the RE to the OB at 7 weeks pregnant. We had our first u/s and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. What a beautiful sound. We never grow tired of hearing it. We had a scare with some spotting at 10 1/2 weeks that turned out to be nothing. Then we had our 12 week u/s and began our 2nd trimester.

12 week ultrasound picture he/she is an active baby:

12 weeks pregnant:

December 2010: We celebrated Christmas at our home with my parents and J's mom and brothers family:

Our furry babies posing for their Christmas picture.

The newest addition to the family Summer Rose..she looks like J's father who passed away.

I love this picture with J and the kids. She is gonna be a great mom.

So there it is 2010. It has come and gone and now we begin the New Year. Waiting anxiously for the birth of our child in June.


  1. What a year! Thanks for coming over and commenting. Good luck with everything during this very exciting time!

  2. what a lovely recap--you certainly had a busy year! Of course it's nothing compared to what this one is going to be!

  3. Great recap of 2010! And such exciting things to come in 2011!!