Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Owen Paul

Hello everyone this is J P's wife. P wanted me to update everyone.

On may 11th at 11:44 am we welcomed our little man Owen Paul to our family. He is 5lb 18 inches, with blonde hair. Due to his premature age (although he is considered to be a late premie) he is spending some time in the NICU. He was having trouble stabalizing his blood sugar levels. He is doing good today, and we hope he will get to go home with us on saturday.

P is doing very well. She had to have a csection due to a low platelet count. We were happy to be able to do a epidural and enjoy the moment as there was a question of general anestesia.

Both baby and mom are well. I have added a couple pictures. P will blog more later (and better than


  1. Welcome to the world little one! Congrats Moms - he is gorgeous! :O)

  2. That's a good size for a preemie! So glad to hear everyone is doing well, I look forward to more updates. (Especially the picture kind of updates!)

  3. Yay! And congratulations! He's such a cutie! I'm sorry that blogger imploded on your big announcement day, but i've been excited for you since this post was up the first time!

  4. Congratulations!! He's beautiful and now you have this amazing little boy that you can call your son! happy for the both of you! Welcome to the outside world Owen!

  5. Wow! He's adorable! Big Congrats!