Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nantucket Getaway Weekend

We had a wonderful time visiting Nantucket this past weekend. The trip was short but so refreshing. We love the island. It has lots of fond memories for us both because it is where I lived when we first met and we were dating. J lived on the mainland in Hyannis so every weekend she would come to visit me on Nantucket. Dating with that much water in between was difficult to say the least but we made it work. On the weekends she could not come over I would go to Hyannis to see her. This is the island where our relationship grew and we fell in love. So for us to return there after four years was very special. We visited all of our favorite spots. Here are some pictures J and I at Siasconset Beach on a cool Sunday morning

On the ferry leaving the island

Nantucket Basket Smart Car

We attended the annual sand sculpture Contest

This one was titled Ackatar. ACK is the island nick -name after the call letters for the airport on Nantucket.

Money, Money, Money...wish I owned one of these.

Sankaty lighthouse

Miacomet pond one of my favorite places on the island

Early morning stroll in Siasconset known by locals as S'conset

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