Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anniversary weekend

This past weekend we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Sat morning we headed up north to Bethelem, Nh. We stayed at one of our favorite places (Highland Inn). We just love this place. They make you feel so at home and welcome there. It was a much needed time of relaxation and fresh air. We did some snow shoeing on the trails on both Sat and Sun, had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant, watched a movie and just enjoyed one another's companionship. I just love spending time with this woman even after 6 years it just seems to get better each year.
Sunday nite we headed over to our friends Laura and Joy to watch the game (Joy is a jets fan) and to play wii. Can I just say we fell in love with the Wii resort it was such fun. We have gotta get.
On another note, today completes one month of my weight loss plan...23 lbs down. I am so excited. I really feel good and have so much more energy.


  1. Is this a lesbian owned place? If it is, you are the second person who I have read that goes there-- what are the odds?!?! It looks like a beautiful place to be! Congrats on 6 years!!


  2. HOLY CRAP! I missed the 23lbs down!!! WOOT!!! Great job!!!

  3. We've been there too! We loved it...the entertainment for music was great!! It was nice to be all lovey dovey and it was welcomed!!
    As for the 23lbs...WOWZA that is great! Wanna share the plan? :)

  4. Its a lesbian owned place. We have been there several times and the owner Grace always makes everyone feel right at home. The property is very beautiful.
    As for the 23 lbs I have been going to a nurtritionist and she has had me on a low calorie diet plan based on my metabolism rate which she tested that consist of protein shakes, veggies and lean meat. I dont feel hungry and I have energy.