Monday, December 14, 2009

birthdays and appointments

Well today I hit the big 40. It really does not seem like my birthday. I guess thats because I really celebrated last weekend and I have now slept most of it away since I worked the night shift last evening. J threw me a really awesome surprise party last weekend. I was so shocked. I do not know how she managed to keep it all a secret. All of our freinds were in attendance with exception of a few that did not want to brave the snow storm we were having at the time. She really did a great job planning it all. A few weeks ago she had given me tickets to go see A Chritmas Carol at the Palace theater but she said she could not go because she had to work at the last minute so my mom and I went. After the show was over around 4:00 pm she called to find out where I was and stated to me that she was on her way home from work. She asked me to the grocery store to pick up a few things which included deli meats ( by the way on a Sat afternoon takes forever) which by the way she knew this but wanted to stall me till everyone had arrived by 5:00 pm. So when we finally arrived to our house I parked the car in the garage and grabbed the groceries and started up the stairs from our basement and opened the door and there everyone was yelling surprise. It was awesome and I was shocked for a couple of minutes. I dont know how she did it but everyone had parked on another street around the corner from our house so I had no idea. She really planned well and had all my favorite foods which included ribs and pulled pork from Red Bones, mac and cheese, cornbread, salad, and so many appetizers. A southern girls dream dinner. The cake was awesome it was light purple colored with a picture of me when I was 3 or 4 years old. She had a video put together with pictures of me and my friends that ranged from 6months to now and coordinated it with music. She really made my 4oth very special. I received so many wonderful gifts including a ipod from J which I love.
I just got some beautiful flowers delivered from our friends in Boston. That was really sweet of them.
Tomorrow is our consultation appointment with the RE at 8:30 am. It will be a 2 hour appointment. We are really looking forward to getting some answers to our questions and finding out if we will be able to do IVF. So wish us luck.
The last month has been so busy for us and I am really looking forward to the quiet, quality time I get to spend with J. Christmas this year is going to be low key at our house due to our situation with our dog Max. You see he we got him in late August from a rescue league that we had previously gotten our dog Tollee that passed away. He is a 2 1/2 year old shih tzu. He previously belonged to a 78 year old lady that had him since he was weaned from his mom. Well needless to say he was boss at her house. We of course asked all the questions before we got him about how he was with people including children since we have friends that come over often with children and J has 2 small newphews that visit also. Well since getting him we have noticied that he has been showing more and more aggessive and dominating behavior and has snapped at and even bitten us and a few other people including a child. Needless to say this was very upsetting for us. We have been very fortunate with our other two dogs Sophie and Tollee and have not had to deal with this kind of behavior before. So we are trying to put a stop to it now before it really gets out of hand. So we started private obeidence classes on Saturday for him and we are already starting to see a difference in him with the stuff she taught us. We have to go back this Sunday for another session. He is an affectionate and loving dog but he likes to dominate and try to run the house. How could you not love a face like this.

Our tree is up and the house looks so festive. I still have to do some Christmas shopping. I have not done any yet. It will be here before we know it.

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  1. It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL birthday!! Let us know how the appointment goes!